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Quinn achieves 12,000 MMR: "Suck it, EU superiority nerds"

Gaimin Gladiators midlaner Quinn "Quinn" Callahan didn't miss the chance to tease European players after getting to 12k MMR in the region. "Suck it, EU superiority nerds," stated the American player revealing his achievement on Twitter.

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This result got Quinn in the top 10 of the European Dota ladder. He is currently placed 8th, between Yatoro and skiter. During the last eight days, he played above 40 matches with a 65% winrate.

Quinn moved to Europe during the offseason after a seven-year-long career on the North American scene. Gaimin Gladiators started the season well. They've got two victories, sharing the leading positions with Team Liquid. Quinn's team is currently facing OG in their third series of the DPC 2023 EU Tour 1.

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