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Ex-CEO of HellRaisers: "In CIS, a rumored price for a DPC slot may vary from $15k to $60k" Rumors

The former HellRaisers CEO Oleksii "Magician" Slabukhin discussed the selling of DPC slots that started happening more often lately. He shared rumors of their approximate cost and gave his thoughts on the topic. He isn't known for good insides, and we can't confirm his estimations, so take this information with a grain of salt.

A slot price will be higher if there are weak teams in a region and if it's appealing to the organization's partners. For example, in South America — there's EG and others. The closer it gets to the end of the season, the lower the price would be the due to the lesser chance of qualifying to TI through DPC.

Looking at CIS, a rumored price may vary from $15k to $60k, depending on the region. Don't forget that part of the sum can be repaid via prize money. A similar cost might exist in SA or NA. In Europe or Asia, the price will be 1.5-2 times more due to the game's popularity and the sponsors' impact. It won't go higher than that, as you can lose the slot after a few tours.

First, many orgs now might consider selling the slot instead of continuing. Second, tier 3-4 organizations can make it a "farming tool," if there's a market, for example, for the bookies. Third, you can build any strong lineup and instantly buy a slot for it from an upper-division mix.

Oleksii "Magician" Slabukhin
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Slot acquisitions happened before but might become more common this season. There were a few notable deals lately. T1 sold its spot to Bleed Esports, while Blacklist International bought Resurgence's place in the SEA DPC. There were also rumors of Alliance selling their European spot.

In CIS, BetBoom was the one to release the lineup after TI11. But the slot supposedly belongs to their captain SoNNeikO. Some media reported that he inherited it after leaving Winstrike and kept it while playing under the new org tag. Most likely, there wasn't any buyout happening after leaving BetBoom.

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