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Royal Never Give Up rebuilds its Dota 2 roster with less-known players

Royal Never Give Up registered four players on Dota 2 DPC registration page. There were quite a few surprise names appearing on that list, starting with their former player Chong "FelixCiaoBa" Wei Lun and finishing with ex-Nigma Galaxy SEA carry Vincent "AlaCrity" Hiew.

Another addition is Su "FlyBy" Lei. The player has been tossed from the main RNG roster to the secondary since 2018. This will be his fourth return to the main squad, supposedly to the offlane.

Luo "eGo" Bin (aka Kaiyko) is known for playing for LGD and CDEC in the past. The best result in his career was The Bucharest Minor victory with EHOME, where he was playing on loan at the time. Last two DPC seasons, he was carrying for ShenZhen, the all-time participant of Division II.


RNG's previous roster had an unfortunate ending. Almost the full squad got COVID at The International 2022. Their initial performance made them look like title contenders but the disease had a severe impact on the latter days of the Group Stage and the elimination match against Entity.

Royal Never Give Up

  • Luo "eGo" Bin
  • Vincent "AlaCrity" Hiew
  • Su "FlyBy" Lei
  • Chong "FelixCiaoBa" Wei
  • TBA
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FelixCiaoBa FelixCiaoBa

Flyby Flyby

AlaCrity AlaCrity

eGo eGo

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