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Spirit Korb3n about RAMZES and SoNNeikO making a team: "I heard this information. So, most likely, true" Rumors

Team Spirit manager Dmitriy "Korb3n" Belov commented on rumors about Roman "RAMZES" Kushanarev teaming up with Akbar "SoNNeikO" Butaev in his unannounced DPC squad. On stream, Korb3n confirmed that this lineup was likely assembled.

Rumor has it RAMZES and SoNNeikO might play together. What can I say? I heard this information. So, most likely, true.

Dmitriy "Korb3n" Belov

The rumored lineup first shared by the Russian insider Spiralka on forum. According to him, they will be joined by Vladimir "RodjER" Nicogosian and Maxim "re1bl" Afanasyev. The captain previously played for BetBoom but it's rumored that he kept the DPC slot after the organization released the roster.

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The rumor sounds plausible because many sources claimed that he joined a squad from EEU, and there aren't that much good options for RAMZES there. The supposed lineup doesn't have an offlaner yet, or a carry if RAMZES wants to change his role again.

SoNNeikO's possible team

  • Roman "RAMZES" Kushanarev
  • Maxim "re1bl" Afanasyev
  • TBD
  • Vladimir "RodjER" Nicogosian
  • Akbar "SoNNeikO" Butaev
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RodjER RodjER

SoNNeikO SoNNeikO


re1bl re1bl

Korb3n Korb3n

1ceN1ce 1ceN1ce

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