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Gorgc about Sneyking losing part of TI11 prize: "It's not like Topson who was rinsed by the government. They took 50% or 70%"

Dota 2 streamer Janne "Gorgc" Stefanovski responded to Tundra's Jingjun "Sneyking" Wu, who earlier revealed that he lost a huge chunk of his prize money won at The International 2022. On his stream, Gorgc agreed that losing that much "sucks" but compared the situation with Topson's, who "was rinsed by the government" for an amount from 50% to 70%.

Ok, but it's not that crazy. Getting a million out of the... Let's say org takes a cut, Aui_2000 takes a cut, and you end up with a million. That isn't too bad, I guess, right? It's not like Topson, who was rinsed by the government. They took 50% or 70% or some sh*t. I don't know exactly, but they took a lot. It wasn't that crazy, actually. Let's say, if you got $500k, then you got scammed. But if you got $900k, it's not too bad.

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Previously, Sneyking revealed that after the taxation and all the cuts, he ended up with less than a million. Tundra won $8.5 mln at TI11, which makes it a $1.7 mln share per player. Organization and coach cuts can vary a lot from org to org.

Topson had earned $2.25 mln and $3.16 mln from two TI victories in 2018-2019, which makes it $5.4 mln in total, without any cuts. If the taxation took half of his winnings away, the government grabbed around $2.7 mln without considering the OG's share.

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