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Sneyking announced he got "less than a million" from $8.5 mln that Tundra won at TI11 — all because taxes and org cut

Wu "Sneyking" Jingjun talked about how much money he got from his The International 2022 win with Tundra Esports. As it turns out, a big part of the prize pool ended up going somewhere else.

I won't say the exact figure, but less than a million. There is a lot of things taking away from the TI win. It looks nice on paper, but there is so many fees and taxes and everything, that you don't end up with that much.

Wu "Sneyking" Jingjun
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With every player getting less than a million, that means at least 40% of the sum went somewhere else. It could be taxes, Tundra's cut, supporting staff cut, like coach Kurtis "Aui_2000" Ling. Later Sneyking went on Twitter to elaborate his point further.

To address the redditors who watched my clip. Tundra won 8.5m at TI and I won 1.7m on the prize money tracker. Which is amazing! However I was trying to explain that players generally don't get the whole 20% piece of the pie.

Sometimes the organization, coach, manager and or others may take a cut as well. These cuts are never publicly stated to media and are not reflected on the prize money tracker for each player. So the prize money tracker for individual players are inflated.

Also, the tax man will always take a bite as well. So all in all, I will still receive a very handsome payment that will be VERY life changing. But it's just a LOT smaller than what people think I actually won. Just wanted to clear the misunderstanding as I was taken out of context

Wu "Sneyking" Jingjun

Sneyking together with Tundra took first place at The International 2022 after beating Team Secret 3:0. The prize pool of the event was $18,930,775, with the first place winner taking 45%, or $8,518,822 of the sum. reportedly doesn't release DM, he will probably join OG after roster lock

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