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Dmitriy "DM" Dorokhin's transfer from to OG isn't going smoothly. According to Russian-speaking insider Spiralka, the Armenian organization does not want to release their offlaner yet.

He claims that OG is testing a position 3 player from the last year's second WEU Division as a result and that they are still negotiating. However, DM might join OG in the beginning of 2023 as a stand-in.

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This information fits the words of OG CEO Juan M.R. Luna. In a previous statement for Escorenews, he complained that the difference between roster lock end and players' contract length became an issue during the negotiations. According to his previous words, OG was only making a single change.

Team Spirit manager Korb3n commented on that case, saying that it's hard to believe that an organization would block a player transfer if his contract expires just a few weeks after the roster lock.

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