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Taiga: "High chance you will see members of old OG playing DPC again" Rumors

OG support Tommy "Taiga" Le shared insight on the former players of the organization. He hinted at the possibility of some of the classic lineup members returning and participating in the DPC league. Taiga's message was spotted in a Twitch chat on qojqva's stream.

It's unclear if they will reassemble the old squad or play in other teams, just like ana and Topson did prior to The International 2022. There might be a catch, though — an "old OG member" doesn't necessarily mean someone from the classic lineup that won two TIs.

Source: qojqva's stream

His message can be interpreted as a player stepping into the current main roster. If so, it must be Sebastian "Ceb" Debs filling the shoes of position 3 once again. This is the only gap in the lineup after ATF left, and OG CEO Juan M. R. Luna previously stated that they were going to have only a single roster change.

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Ceb is officially retired, but it didn't stop him from standing in for the team and even winning Stockholm Major. There's also's DM, who is supposedly testing in OG.

It's almost confirmed that Topson will be playing next year. After TI11, he expressed the desire to continue. JerAx is currently coaching Team Liquid, and N0tail is formally on break. Judging from his words on multiple Monkey Business podcasts, he has no desire to compete. Ana is always a mystery, but he is free after T1 is disbanded.

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