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Skiter on fans idealising him: "Even if I say profanities, people will think that I'm saying the right things because I won TI" Interview

The International 2022 winner Oliver "skiter" Lepko spoke with a local outlet about his achievement with the Tundra team. He revealed that he doesn't enjoy crowdy activities, laughed off people who consider his views in Dota as the ultimate truth and expressed the desire to win more trophies.

I realize I'm a millionaire, which is quite a nice thing to say. <...>

It sure feels great to be part of Dota history. I made a lot of money, but I want to win again. My motivation has not left me, and my ambitions are still high. The money I won is enough, but I still want more. I'm not going to any kind of retirement.

Oliver "skiter" Lepko

What he felt after winning TI11

To be honest, those feelings are not even that intense because, throughout my career, I learned how to keep my emotions in check. When we won the whole tournament, there were moments when I was really happy, but then it went back to neutral.

Even after the win, I was still thinking that we would play another series, even though it was already over. Maybe I just haven't fully realized it yet.

Oliver "skiter" Lepko
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On fame and returning home instead of vacation like his teammates

I was really looking forward to going home because I don't like too many people around me. Whenever the teammates signed autographs and paid attention to the fans, I tried to stand aside.

This fame is nothing to me. My teammates went on vacation to Thailand or Korea after the tournament, but I wanted to go home, where I would have some peace and no one would know me.

Oliver "skiter" Lepko

Plans on the break before next season

We have it a bit individually. We have a month off now, but then we have to get back to Dota. But I find that I've been home for two days and it's getting a little boring. Maybe in a few days, I'll start playing Dota again in public games with regular people, just for fun.

Oliver "skiter" Lepko
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On fans and other players idealizing Tundra

It's such a syndrome. Now, if I say something in public games, even if I say profanities, people will think that I am saying the right things. Because I won The International and I'm from the best team in the world, so it's like I can't say anything bad.

One of my teammates was playing a pub recently and made a mistake, and immediately his teammate started apologizing to him, even though he was not to blame. People will have us on a pedestal because, according to them, we are now better than everyone else, and what we say is a holy truth. They idealize us, I know that because I did it myself in the past with players who won The International.

Oliver "skiter" Lepko

Tundra has won The International 2022 in quite a dominant fashion. They cruised through playoffs losing only a single map, and even the grand final felt very one-sided. Team Secret lost three maps in a row, making it a very quick bo5 series. Tundra players earned $8.4 mln of prize money.

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