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Pornstar Eva Elfie will make video content at The International 2022 Exclusive

Adult industry star Eva Elfie was spotted in Singapore at the main Dota 2 event of the year, The International 2022. We learned that she is planning to do some content at the event. It's unclear what exactly Elfie will do.

Rumor has it this will be some fun videos for her social platforms, such as Q&A with players or something similar to our Team Bingo. Supposedly, this content will be done in English.

Mrs. Marple (Team Spirit content maker), Tundra.skiter, Eva Elfie. Source: Skiter's social media
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Eva is no stranger to video games and esports. Last year, she congratulated Team Spirit after their triumph at The International 2021. Later, the girl watched CS:GO Stockholm Major and cheered for the eventual winners, NAVI and s1mple. This is how she described her love of the industry back in November.

I'm following esports and CIS teams regularly. I play a lot myself, on PC and PS. Video games help me to distract and receive some energy. I have many favorite games, from single-player God of War and The Last of Us to multiplayer Overwatch with friends.

By the way, right now, I am watching CS:GO major and cheer for every CIS team, but my favorites are NAVI and Sasha s1mple.

Eva Elfie

25-year-old Eva Elfie is a porn actress from Russia with a massive worldwide fanbase. She has over 3 mln followers on her social media.

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