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Valve gives fans opportunity to buy talent stickers directly after outrage

Valve Corporation made changes to the talent sticker system for The International 2022. Now the fans are able to bypass the capsule system and directly support the talent they are interested in by buying their stickers.

Yesterday we shipped an update which added a capsule containing Talent Stickers that unlocked talent voice lines. Upon doing so, fans and talent alike reached out expressing unhappiness with the product. Our intention was to create a compelling system that allowed fans to connect with their favorite talent in a different way than in previous years, and we fell short of that goal. We are sorry for that and we intend to correct it.

Valve Corporation statement

Previously the fans had to buy a capsule with all talent stickers, and only Gold and Holo versions granted them the voicelines. According to some calculations, the chance of getting the preferred voiceline was around 0.08%.

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Since the stickers were marketable, that made the most popular ones much more expensive than the capsule. For example, Mira "Ephey" Riad's stickers with voicelines were trading for up to $440. The revenue was also shared between all talent, while with the new direct buy your money go to the preferred talent.

Talent and team stickers is a new feature of the Battle Pass. The one dedicated to The International 2022 was added in the game on September 1, with stickers being added later, after all the participants were determined.

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We've explained it.

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