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KuroKy have played all 123 heroes of Dota 2. But achievement was spoiled by Nigma's loss in TI11 qualification

Nigma Galaxy's captain Kuro "KuroKy" Salehi Takhasomi updated his record of having played every possible hero in Dota 2 on the pro scene. He picked Primal Beast in the last match against Team Secret and brought his unique hero count to 123.

The achievement is unlikely to cheer him up. Even though Nigma won that map, they lost the series 1:2 and dropped out of the TI11 qualification in Europe. This is the second year in a row when TI7 winners miss the main event.

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KuroKy has played almost every position throughout his career. Although he was mostly supporting lately, the 29-year-old veteran sometimes had to fill the gaps for an absent player, which happened quite often with Nigma. This way, he could keep his record running.


N0tail, Fear, and MSS have impressive pools of their own, but they still fall 9 or 10 heroes behind KuroKy. Also, only one of them is still currently playing. Fear is retired, while N0tail is on a break and doesn't show the desire to come back so far.

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