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TI11 participants won't get free tickets for friends and families if they are eliminated too early Rumors

The International 2022 has less support for players' friends and families than in previous years. They won't be allowed to enter during playoffs if their team is eliminated. Additionally, the players won't have VIP box seats. This information was shared by Kenneth Utama for Upcomer.

Friends and family members will be able to attend during the final two days of the event but will not have access before that if their team drops off. Each roster will have 10 VIP tickets for themselves and 10 additional tickets for the days they are in contention.

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Additionally, the players won't have VIP seat boxes. They will be placed in a roped-off VIP space without private areas.

If the rumors are true, this way contrast with previous TI experience. There are no other ways to get TI11 tickets as they were sold out just hours after the start. Previously, BOOM's support Timothy "Tims" Randrup said that his friends and family weren't able to get one.

The International 2022 will be held in Singapore on October 15-30. It will be the first event in the series with the crowd since 2019. Last year in Romania, the TI10 attendance was canceled last moment, and the teams were playing in an empty stadium.

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