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Valve increases rewards in 2022 Battle Pass progression, fixes Dota Plus and grants free subscription week

Valve updated the TI11 Battle Pass leveling system with recent changes to points calculation. The company claimed no overall difference between this year and TI10 Battle Pass. However, casual players might receive fewer points. The update was posted on the official Dota2 website.

Players will receive additional 2,000 points per week for playing matches. The weekly quests will provide more at the beginning and less at the end.

List of Changes

Weekly Bonus Feature

  • We're adding a new Weekly Bonus feature that simply grants Battle Points whenever you complete a match. Winning a match earns 200 Battle Points, and losing a match grants 100 Battle Points up to a cap of 2000 Battle Points per week. Turbo matches also earn Battle Points, but at half of the normal rate.

Weekly Quests Update

  • Starting with Week 2, we've made changes to the rewards for Weekly Quests
  • For non-Bonus weeks, instead of rewarding 500/1000/1500 Battle Points at 4/9/15 stars, we will now reward 1000/1000/1000 Battle Points at 2/8/15 stars.
  • For Bonus weeks, the first Bonus Week Battle Chest is now available at 2 stars instead of 3 stars.
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Valve apologized and fixed the item guide assistant in Dota Plus, which was broken since the release of Battle Pass. To compensate for the issue, they granted a free week for the service subscribers who played at least one match during the outage.

The International 2022 Battle Pass prize pool is growing slower than expected. The community wasn't too fond of the content and delayed features, which supposedly caused a downfall. Currently, the TI11 prize pool barely reached $11 mln which is $2-2.5 mln lower than the previous two years.

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