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"100kg fat-ass n***r!" Former Gambit player lashes out at ATF with racist slurs

Ex-Gambit carry Albert "alberkaaa" Chernoivanov insulted OG offlaner Ammar "ATF" Alassaf during a Dota 2 pub. He used the n-word on numerous occasions to get to the Jordani player.

ATF was playing Sand King, and alberkaaa picked Huskar. After ATF killed the Russian, he spammed GGWP in chat several times, and Albert went on a long series of insults.

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After some period, alberkaaa resumed his attacks on Ammar. OG's offlaner reminded the Russian that these types of insults might have an impact on his professional career, but it didn't stop Albert from slurring.

ATF is known to be quite toxic himself. For example, at PGL Arlington Major, he called Hector "K1" Rodriguez a "bot," and was provoking opponents with "?" in chat. In August, Ammar was throwing insults at Watson, and the episode got on Gorgc's stream.

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