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Shroud, Yatoro, Broky, and Comp nominated for "Play of the month" at Esports Awards Video

Team Spirit's Illya "Yatoro" Mulyarchuk, FaZe's Helvijs "broky" Saukants, Rogue's Markos "Comp" Stamkopoulos accompany Sentinels' Michael "shroud" Grzesiek in the "Play of the month" appearance for August. The highlight video was released by Esports Awards on their YouTube.

Yatoro did a Rampage in PGL Major Arlington. He wiped enemy team right when Spirit's throne was attacked by creeps. Broky won crazy 1v4, acing the enemy with his AWP, while playing with Astralis by opening and closing the door in front of them.

Comp turned a teamfight in his favor, winning with his support against full five-man lineup. And shroud saved Sentinels with a triple kill at the score of 12:12 in the deciding map against The Guard.

Full list of nominated players is available on the Awards website. Fans can vote for the most exciting players each month. At the end of the cycle, 12 best highlights will take part in the Esports Awards Play of the Year.

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