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Invictus Gaming with fy and Emo misses TI11, all Chinese Last Chance teams become known

IG with fy and Emo lost to Vici Gaming in Regional qualifiers and will miss The International 2022. The match ended with a 0:2 score.

The remaining trio of Xtreme Gaming, Royal Never Give Up, and Vici Gaming will go to TI11. The winner of the qualification will advance to the Group Stage of the event, while two others will participate in the Last Chance phase.

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Fy played in the TI8 grand-final and TI9 lower bracket final, and hasn't missed a TI event since 2017. Overall, he participated in six out of ten events of the series. IG was present at the eight tournaments. Last year, the organization finished 4th at TI10.

Chinese qualification is running on September 8-12. Xtreme and Vici Gaming will meet in the lower bracket final on 12 September, 5:00 am CEST.

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