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EHOME fail to get to The International for six years in a row

EHOME dropped out of regional qualification for The International 2022. The team first lost to CDEC in the upper bracket and then to ShenZhen E-Sports Club in the lower. EHOME didn't win a single map in this series, finishing with a score of 0:2.

The organization lineups didn't attend any TI Since 2016, despite bearing such a famous name in Dota 2. The closest they got was last year's qualification to TI10 when they lost the final series to Elephant.

EHOME results at TIs, including qualifications

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After two days, RNG, Aster.Aries, CDEC, and Xtreme are leading in the upper bracket. Fy and Emo's IG barely overcame LBZS in the lower and are fighting for survival.

The regional qualification for China is running from 8 to 12 September. 13 teams are fighting for one Group Stage and two Last Chance invites to TI11.

Hokori takes SA qualifier for TI11 in a major upset after Infamous gets penalised for n-word in a courier name



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