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Tundra Skiter got into car crash after celebrating his birthday Photo

Tundra's carry Oliver "skiter" Lepko got into a car accident. Luckily, he wasn't seriously injured, escaping with only minor bruises on his leg and shoulder. Oliver posted the photos of the aftermath on social media.

The incident happened when Oliver was returning home by an Uber after his birthday party. Judging by his message, anyone else involved wasn't seriously injured.

Skiter has turned 24 (or will soon; Liquipedia states his birthday is on September 12). He is currently at the peak of his career after qualifying for the first TI in his life.

His team won ESL One Fall 2021 and had good results in DPC 2021/2022, taking 1st place in Tour 3 and finishing 3rd at Stockholm Major. Thanks to their achievements, Tundra will debut in the Group Stage of The International 2022, scheduled on October 15.

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