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Hokori takes SA qualifier for TI11 in a major upset after Infamous gets penalised for n-word in a courier name

Team Hokori won The International 2022 SA qualifier grand final, upsetting the heavy favourites Infamous.U with a 3-0 score. Earlier the EEU qualifier concluded in the very similar manner.

Infamous.U got to the grand final without dropping a single map and were considered a heavy favourites to take it all. But Hokori, who fell down to the lower bracket after the loss in semifinals, managed to beat them in three 40min+ matches.

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It's possible that penalty, placed on Infamous for n-word in Leonardo "Leostyle-" Sifuentes's courier name, influenced the result. The team lost the selection priority, which meant that their opponents could choose the side or first pick in every game. Hokori played Dire in all three matches.

Earlier Tempest had to concede the lower bracket final against Hokori due to a connection issues. Now the team together with Infamous will have to compete in the Last Chance qualifier in an uphill battle against top2-3 rosters from other regional qualifiers. For now the list only includes Outsiders and Natus Vincere.

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