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"Guys, TSM are so f**king bad! Remember scrims?" Entity teamtalk accidentally goes live at ESL One Malaysia Video

Entity's teamtalk before the match against TSM at ESL One Malaysia 2022 was put on live broadcast because of the audio issues. The players were encouraging themselves before the elimination match, showing zero respect to their opponents.

The sound was really low, so it was hard to tell who was speaking. Dota Clipper YouTube channel published the video with subs.

Production: Wtf is going on with this...? Where is the audio guys?

Entity Players: — Remember guys! When you see Team TSM — Watch at them!
— Show your confidence!

— Guys, they are so fucking bad! Remember scrims?

— We didn't even try. We like actively griefed and still fucked them!

— Zero cares, still won.

— We play an average game, they're fucked!

Dota 2 patch 7.32 biggest meme change gives cart to Centaur Warrunner, spawns multiple bugs

Funnily enough, the Entity's Dzmitry "Fishman" Palishchuk and TSM's offlaner Jonas "SabeRLight-" Volek met on stage to trash-talk each other before the match. Fishman implied that TSM means "Team Suck in Malaysia." Volek reminded him that he brought Entity to the top-6 finish in Arlington: "There's no reason they would get so far without me."

SabeRLight- stood in for Entity at PGL Major Arlington 2022, replacing Ivan "Pure" Moskalenko. That experience didn't help him in Malaysia. After all the beef, TSM were crushed by Entity with a 2:0 score and left the tournament.

ESL One Malaysia 2022 is running from 23 to 28 August. Twelve teams are fighting for a share of the $400,000 prize pool. During the group stage, Valve dropped a new big patch 7.32, so the participants had to learn it right in the middle of the tournament.

TORONTOTOKYO: "Do you know what I missed at the Major? There were very few explosions and confetti when we won. The organizers saved money even on this"



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