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Cr1t named the best position 4 players at the moment

Evil Geniuses' Andreas "Cr1t" Nielsen recently had several Twitch streams, playing Dota 2 and discussing various topics with fans. He named the best pos 4 players and the nerdiest professionals, and talked about the influence of casters and crowd on LAN tournaments, including EG's matches on PGL Major Arlington 2022.

Best position 4 support players

You guys might think that I've got some big ego and I think I'm the best, but don't worry. Who's the best 4 right now? It's kinda hard to tell because the [PGL Major Arlington] final went like it did. They have different styles, Mira and XinQ, but they're both very good at what they do. BoBoKa had a very good tournament. I think he overperformed. Compared to the other two, BoBoKa was the one who played above than he usually does.

Andreas "Cr1t" Nielsen
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On the nerdiest Dota 2 players

Probably, Aui_2000 or 33. These guys are f**king nerds. Not in a bad way but those guys are f**king nerds. We're all nerds, but they are literal f**king master-tier nerds.

Andreas "Cr1t" Nielsen

Can crowd noise give away information on LAN events?

Yes. That is, indeed, the case at some events. It happened last Major. It is pretty obvious when somebody is doing Rosh. We are sitting on the stage, we are the ones doing Rosh, and we can hear them, the crowd is making noise. And the other team is like, "Alright, something's probably going on." But that's the price for not having booths.

I mean, for our game, it was not the crowd, it was f**kin casters, I guess. Because we didn't play with the crowd. But I can imagine with the crowd is even more evident. It just depends on the tournament.

Andreas "Cr1t" Nielsen

Cr1t didn't specify which game was compromised by the exterior factor. Evil Geniuses lost to Entity Gaming at PGL Major Arlington 2022 in the first round of playoffs and left the tournament. EG had enough points to earn a ticket to TI11, so they won't be participating in regional qualifiers.

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PGL Arlington 2022 PGL Arlington 2022


Cr1t Cr1t

Aui_2000 Aui_2000

XinQ XinQ

33 33

Mira Mira

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