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TNC Predator new carry is being accused of scamming and account selling

TNC Predator's new carry Philip "Asta" Joshua Torres is being accused of scamming other players, selling accounts, and match-fixing, A thread with such allegations was raised on the Dota subreddit.

So far, there was no proof of match-fixing or anything like that. However, there's one case of selling an account and then retrieving it back. A post on social media claims that a player under the nickname Trash Pub Sux bought an account from Asta, who later restored access to it.

Gpk~: "Don't hate ana for an unfortunate series, he is an exceptional player"

The scammed player posted several screenshots to back up his claim and said he has a saved conversation with an admin of the trading website. The account transfer happened back in 2017, and his post was created on June 6. The account also has a VAC ban on it.

TNC announced Asta on August 16. He replaced their previous carry Yuri "Yowe" Pacana. The new TNC lineup is in preparation for The International 2022 qualifier that will start on September 3.


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