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T1 started following Ana and Topson after removing their mid and carry [Updated] Rumors

Update: Rivalry SEA Twitter account rumored that the signing already happened.

Original text: T1 official Twitter started following Anathan "ana "Pham and Topias "Topson" Taavitsainen. Just a few days before that, they removed their carry and mid players, Gabbi and Karl.

Ana is currently a free agent. At PGL Major Arlington 2022, he stood in for Royal Never Give Up and finished there 9-12th. Topson is still part of OG but recently started looking for a team to join. Both TI champions play in SEA matchmaking.

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Gabbi and Karl left T1 after the team's mediocre performance in DPC 2022. They didn't achieve much in Stockholm, finished 5th in the Summer DPC tour, and missed the latest Major. Most likely, the team will participate in the International 2022 qualifiers, which are scheduled for September 3-18.

T1 current lineup

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T1 T1

Topson Topson

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2022-08-17 09:54:00Interview Topson explained how he and ana joined T1
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