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Fnatic may go to TI11 instead of Outsiders, according to Valve's DPC chart

Dota 2 fans spotted the difference between Liquipedia and Valve's final DPC 2022 charts. According to the latter, Fnatic goes to The International 2022 instead of Outsiders. Supposedly, this is happening because of Valve site rounding down the numbers.

Source: Valve

At the end of the season, Outsiders were only a 0.05 point above Fnatic. Or at least, this is what everyone thought. Liquipedia usually serves as a main source for these calculations, and datdota's Noxville agrees with their calculations as well.

Source: Liquipedia

Maybe the diffence appeared because Valve rounds the numbers each time they make a deduction. Imicromantic on Twitter showed that Outsiders lose 1.55 points this way. He also pointed at Soniqs with 542 points instead of 543 as another similar case.

Neither Valve not teams made any official statements on the situation so far.

PGL Major Arlington 2022 took place in Texas, USA from 4 to 14 of August with 17 attending teams. Fnatic, RNG, and Entity played with stand-ins due to visa issues while Xtreme Gaming didn't arrive at all.

Team Spirit take the crown of PGL Major Arlington 2022

The International XI The International XI

Fnatic Fnatic

Outsider Outsider

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