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TI11 tickets sell out in first 20 minutes, furious fans blame scalpers

The International 2022 ticket sale started on August 13 and ended within 20 minutes. Fans who couldn't buy tickets to the main Dota 2 event started heated debates on Twitter and Reddit.

The community blames Valve and the tournament operator for poor organization. Some saw TI tickets being resold on third-party websites and blamed scalpers for buying a huge chunk of the tickets.

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But even by the sheer amount of complaints, it's safe to assume that the demand for the tickets was simply too high. There were also screenshots showing a person placed 30k+ in the queue, while the stadium has 12,000 seats. Valve's official statement allowed one person to book no more than five tickets, and there are seven days of playing on stage.

This year, TI11 is coming to Singapore, presenting a rare opportunity for South East Asia, which is super passionate about Dota 2. The event will run from 13 to 30 October, with the final week staged at Singapore Indoor Stadium. The first 12 participants of the event are already determined.

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