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Taiga: "Ceb is a core player that disguises himself as playing support" Interview

Tommy "Taiga" Le commented on OG's win against Entity Gaming in their opening playoff series at PGL Major Arlington 2022. The support was in a cheerful mood and credited Sebastien "Ceb" Debs for his Enchantress play on the third map.

Is Ceb's Enchantress better than Taiga's?

I think Ceb is... He is a core player that disguises himself as playing support. So I think Ceb he's better, just because he's not really a support. He's just playing the carry role.

Tommy "Taiga" Le

What Taiga thinks about facing PSG.LGD in the next round?

I feel pretty confident, to be honest. We have Ceb, you know, the main stage against LGD at TI8. We came prepared.

Tommy "Taiga" Le
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On the loss on the first map

We were prepared for these heroes and expected them to pick like that. But I think we underestimated their lineup, all five heroes together. We had no damage to kill the heroes, and they just kept healing and healing. Eventually, we ran out of sustain, and we lost the fight.

Fishman played amazing Chen in the first game, and we weren't sure how to deal with him. So we had to respect-ban him.

Tommy "Taiga" Le

OG won the series against Entity with a score of 2:0. In the next match, they will face PSG.LGD. Both teams already guaranteed themselves a place at TI11. The following series between Team Spirit and Outsiders are far more interesting in that regard because whoever wins it will be locked in for TI.

Ceb: "Winning a Major has its upsides and downsides. We don't have a 10:0 advantage because of it"



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