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The Arlington Major Fantasy Guide day 6, August 9

Final Major of the season 2021/2022 is upon us, and with it the Fantasy League. Arlington Major is filled with standins and replacements, so you have to be double careful in who you are going to pick. And that's where we will help you, let's get started.

The Arlington Major Fantasy Guide day 7, August 10

8 players missed the tournament, but only 6 are still technically in a tournament, since their teams got to playoff. You should never pick these:

  • Ghost (RNG)
  • Misha (OG)
  • Pure (Entity)
  • Raven (Fnatic)
  • Jaunuel (Fnatic)
  • Armel (Fnatic)

Overall tips and rules:

  • While only the best series will count, it's still beneficial to pick a team which plays more matches in a given day, unless it's a clear outsider. This way players will have more opportunities to gain a better score.
  • The best teams to pick are those who are expected to play a longer series and win in it. The winning part is especially important for cores, as supports get most of their points even if they lose.
  • On average, plain card of a stronger player is better than silver or gold of a weaker one.
  • For Core slots carries are must picks. For Supports it's much better to pick a support who does most of the warding for the team.

Day 6 is the first playoff day. 8 teams in the upper bracket will fight in 4 matches. PSG.LGD vs BOOM, Entity vs OG, Outsiders vs Spirit, and Aster vs Fnatic. Your picks should be from the teams you consider more likely to win in every match. I'd pick PSG.LGD, Spirit, and Aster, while WEU derby is harder to predict.

Cores: Monet is the best, he is likely to win and earns a lot of points on average. Ame is always a solid pick as well. Yatoro/RAMZES666 have good averages, pick one you believe to win if you have some EEU.

Mid: On average Yopaj, gpk and Stormstormer are the best earners, but I consider them less likely to win. If you believe in them, they are great picks. Ori is the best from those I see as more likely to win.

Supports: Out of those more likely to win in my opinion, both Aster supports (BoBoKa and 皮球) are good picks. Both BOOM supports (TIMS and skem) are great if you believe in them. Yamich in the better pick in Outsiders, while Miposhka in better in Spirit. Finally, Fishman earns a great deal of points, so if you believe Entity will put up a good fight to OG, pick him — supports earn a good amount even when they lose. Don't pick Taiga, he is one of the least earning sups on average.


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