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Xakoda: "In the team RAMZES is a sweetie who will always support you or say something nice" Interview

Outsiders ( support Egor "Xakoda" Lipartiya compared Roman "RAMZES" Kushnarev's behavior in the team to that in a public game. He states that Russian carry is quite different when playing professionally. Xakoda spoke about their team atmosphere, interviewed by Yana "LadyFrika" Medvedeva for

Difference between RAMZES in a pub and on the team

It's just like chalk and cheese! RAMZES in the team is so kind-hearted. I used to say that DM is a sweetie. Now, it's RAMZES who is a sweetie who will always support you or say something nice. He'd be like, "C'mon, guys, this is just a scrim! We lose this one, will win the next one!" Even if he ends in the lane being 0-20, he'd say, "It's ok, guys, now we'll turn this game around!"

But if you meet him in a pub game, you become a "creepy-creep." This way, playing with him in the team is much more comfortable. Nobody reminds you of five Major victories, noone forces you to play mid… [Here Xakoda uses Russian memes about RAMZES's toxic attitude in pub games]

Egor "Xakoda" Lipartiya
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Do they tilt in

We don't have someone saying, "Guys, I don't know how to win this," during a game. We don't have people who tilt during the game. After the game — yes, it happens. Especially after difficult matches. I think DM gets the most upset because he loves to win. RAMZES can get emotional to explain some of our wrongdoings and deliver his view.

In general, RAMZES and DM are the people for whom losing is the worst thing that can happen in life. This is why they can react emotionally. But after a discussion, they will say: "Guys, I'm sorry, I went too far." Or they won't even get upset and calmly explain things. They have matured and can control themselves in this regard.

Egor "Xakoda" Lipartiya

Xakoda has an older brother Vladislav "TheWanderer" Lipartiya who played professional PUBG. He was the one to bring Egor to a local LAN and started his career in esports. After a short period in Team Spirit academy, Xakoda joined VP in January 2022. The squad is currently competing at PGL Major Arlington 2022.

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