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Dataminers found out TI11 Battle Pass release date Rumors

Valve is planning to release Battle Pass for The International 2022 in Dota 2 on September 1. The date was discovered by data mining Telegram channel DOTA_DM and posted on Pastebin with additional details.

Battle Pass will consist of two parts: the first month will be dedicated to The International itself, while October will have a special in-game event.

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Immortal Treasures will be awarded at levels 1, 10, 22, 36, 52, 76, 109, 153, 205, 234. Immortal items will be non-tradable until January 2023 but can be gifted once. As always, there will be additional rewards, specific tasks, and something called "New Possibilities'' or "New Opportunities."

The International 2022 is scheduled for October 8-30 and will take place in Singapore. This time it will feature a wildcard phase for 12 additional teams, two of which will get to the main event for 20 teams.

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The International XI The International XI

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