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Team Spirit spent 25k euros on getting Arlington Major visas. It's the most expensive Major for the org so far

Team Spirit manager Ruslana "DKLana" Berest spoke about the organization issues when applying for US visas for the PGL Dota 2 Arlington Major 2022. They were denied in five countries and had to spend about €25,000 during the process. She shared this information in a comment for Epic Esports Events general manager Mark "March3llo" Averbukh.

Team Spirit began the US visa process in May 2022, but we only got them several days ago. We tried to apply in five different countries and obtained them only in the sixth one. For most countries, tournament invitations weren't a strong argument for a group or individual application. The invitations weren't any better for an urgent filing. We passed an interview on the first try. The travel and paperwork took a long time and cost us about 25.000 euros. It's the most expensive Major in our history.

Ruslana "DKLana" Berest
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Teams attending PGL Arlington Major 2022 faced a lot of visa denials. Xtreme Gaming withdrew from the tournament, while OG, Fnatic, RNG, and other teams will play with stand-ins. The already troublesome US application process could've become even more problematic because of the geopolitical situation in Eastern Europe. Another factor may be the new players who emerged during the pandemic and have little to no traveling record.

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