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[Updated] Xtreme Gaming withdrew from Arlington Major due to visa complications

Update: PGL announced that no team will take the Xtreme's spot.

Original article: Xtreme Gaming announced that it won't participate in the PGL Arlington Major 2022. Team carry Lou "lou" Zhen couldn't get US visa, and the team decided to not go at all. Now the team will have to go through Chinese qualifiers to get to The International 2022.

PGL didn't announce yet if Xtreme Gaming will be replaced. Earlier tournament organizer allowed Fnatic to pick three standins due to visa complications. But while Fnatic have a lot of points and a huge chance to qualify for TI11, Xtreme only had 440. That means the team would need to go far on the tournament to get enough points, and with a standin it would be even harder. Because of that, the squad decided to stay home and focus on TI11 qualifiers.

Solo: "PuckChamp is under NAVI wing. Or at least that was the case in the DPC Tour 1"

Xtreme Gaming qualified for Arlington Major after taking third place in the Upper Division of China DPC. Together with four other teams, it finished the regular season with a score 4-3, and later took second place in 2-5th place tiebrakers.


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