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Dota 2 patch fastens matchmaking search for unpopular modes

Valve released a small update to decrease queue waiting times for unpopular modes in Dota 2. The developers also fixed some bugs and added a new sound effect for item sharing. The patch information appeared on the game's Steam community page.

Patch changes

  • Adjusted matchmaking to be faster for lower population game modes.
  • Fixed a bug with matchmaking region selection where the UI would incorrectly prevent you from selecting both low ping and higher ping regions together.
  • The Kinetic Gem "Wraith Spin" will now apply correctly when Wraith King's Arcana is equipped.
  • Added a sound effect when allies share an item with your hero.
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Valve continues to tweak matchmaking. Previously they buffed search time and added a surrender option for the premade parties of five players. Additionally, Dota 2 developer Jeff Hill went on Reddit and explained how matchmaking works. The system weighs queue waiting time and the "badness" of matches to find the best solution for game quality and search time balance.

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