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Entity may not obtain visa for Major for one of Russian players: "Even a direct invitation from Arlington mayor wasn't enough"

25 July edit: due to editorial mistake, our translation stated that only Kataomi was rejected during an interview. In reality manager didn't imply that the rest of the team already passed their interviews, and meant that Kataomi passed the application and was only rejected during an interview. We are sorry for the mistake.

Original article: Entity Gaming manager Noah "Th3RealJP" Eigenheer said they are struggling to get a USA visa for PGL Dota 2 Major Arlington 2022 for their Russian support player Vladislav "Kataomi" Semenov. They provided all the documents, but even the invitation from Arlington mayor didn't help.

Getting visas for Russians who are not residents of any European country is a real test. All our visa applications were accepted. Only Kataomi was rejected during an interview.

It seems to me that many interviewers make decisions based on personal opinion (our coach, also a Russian, provided the same information and received a visa in ten minutes). Worst of all, we all had scheduled interviews, but they were all canceled without explanation. We had to reapply for new dates in a very short period.

Kataomi was rejected again because they are concerned that he may stay in the USA as a refugee, even though we presented all the papers. Direct invitation from Arlington mayor, who works in the consulate, wasn't enough. The accompanying letter from PGL was not enough. We even provided his contract and a letter from Entity Gaming that Kataomi's salary depends on his performance in Europe. We directly guaranteed his return to Europe or Russia.

However, we were able to re-apply for another visa interview for Kataomi and hope that the additional documentation will strengthen our case. We don't give up, of course.

Noah "Th3RealJP" Eigenheer
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Entity finished fourth in WEU DPC Tour 3. Aside from Kataomi, the team has two Russians — their coach MeTTpuM and carry Pure, and Belorussian Fishman. It seems that they will be able to travel to the USA.

Earlier support Egor "Xakoda" Lipartiia announced that he got the American visa for 3 years, and the rest of the team got theirs as well. Only Roman "RAMZES666" Kushnarev still have to renew his.

PGL Major Arlington 2022 will take place in the USA from 4 to 15 August. It will be the deciding event in the circuit to qualify for The International. 18 participating teams will share a prize pool of $500,000.

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