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Solo on new NAVI coach: "I'm surprised that, having such skills, GuessWho went unnoticed for so long" Interview

NAVI captain Alexei "Solo" Berezin spoke about their latest additions of swedenstrong, Laise, and the new coach. The veteran was surprised that they haven't crossed their ways with Gennady "GuessWho" Filatov before, considering his level of knowledge. The interview with Solo was published on the club's YouTube channel.

Gena [GuessWho] is really great. We've never met before, although he is a long-timer and even played HoN professionally. Maybe he was one of the best in that discipline in CIS, but it was a long time ago. After that, he was manager in Vega Squadron, and later became a coach. If I got it right, he was especially focused on midlaners and trained gpk~ during the TI9 qualifications.

Gena has been coaching for a long time and understands the game perfectly. Everyone on the team treats him with great respect. When he analyzes the games, he always says how the match should develop. He brings a huge impact to the team and is a great guy. To be honest, I'm surprised that, having such skills, GuessWho went unnoticed for so long, and that he didn't achieve noticeable results. He is a great find for the team.

Alexei "Solo" Berezin
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How GuessWho got on the team

Swedenstrong suggested inviting him, Laise met him before as well. We talked, and I instantly liked him, that's why he became our coach.

We are training before every match, drafting against each other for an hour or so, preparing some openings. You can say, I'm more of a helper at this stage, he bears almost all the responsibility for that.

Alexei "Solo" Berezin
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How NAVI got swedenstrong

It was a coincidence. I'm glad we took Zhora on the team. It's a great find. I think he has yet to reveal his full potential. But even at this moment he stands out from other Pos 4 players. He has many advantages.

The tryout was happening in a short period because the second DPC Tour announcement came as a surprise. ALOHADANCE had no gaming practice so we decided to part ways. I've met with swedenstrong in matchmaking and I liked the way he played. We had several scrims against his former team. In short, he was already known, I kept my eye on him.

Alexei "Solo" Berezin
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On Dota 2 not having game changing patches

It seems to me that the community is whining a bit. I think Dota 2 reached a very good state. Maybe it still needs some fixes, but overall the game is balanced. There are many heroes, strategies and builds for every character. The items, heroes, and the map are pretty balanced. Yes, it may seem stale, that the map and economics do not change. But that was the whole point: to reach some balance, so you could pick any hero and build your own playing style. From that point of view, Dota is blossoming.

Alexei "Solo" Berezin

NAVI has a good performance in the ongoing DPC 2022 Summer for EEU. They share the top spot with BetBoom, Outsiders, and Team Spirit. Every team has a record of 5-1 ahead of the final rounds of plays.


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