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Illidan changes his mind, leaves Empire a day after official joining

Ilya "Illidan" Pivtsayev said he asked Team Empire to replace him on the lineup. The carry admitted he feels apathic and doesn't want to play competitive Dota. His Telegram message came in just a day after he announced joining Empire for the rest of DPC Tour 3.

I'm in full apathy from these games as if I don't understand what's happening, and play badly the game I don't really want to play competitively. I feel like I only make it worse for Empire, so I asked them to pick another guy, who at least launched the game in the last two weeks, aside from officials.

Ilya "Illidan" Pivtsayev
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Illidan joined Empire on June 23 after standing-in for the team a few times. He replaced Arslan "Retrograde" Shadzhanov. Their first matches together were successful, but after two initial wins the team lost three games in a row, including one in the DPC. Empire played against HellRaisers and lost 0:2.

So, Team Empire struggles continue. The team has yet to announce a new player. Currently it is fighting for survival in the second division of EEU DPC with a match score of 1-3. Next time they will meet PuckChamp on July 1.

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