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Valve released team bundles for DPC 2022 Tour 3

Valve added Supporters clubs featuring the participants of DPC 2022 Tour 3 into Dota 2. Team Liquid, Secret, Spirit, and new names, such as BetBoom, renewed or released their bundles. As stated by the game's Twitter, more teams will be coming soon.

As usual, the sets feature team logos, loading screens, voice lines, fantasy card packs, and other cosmetics to support a favorite team. The bundles have three tiers of subscription. Bronze packs cost $1.99, silver reaches $9.98, and gold Supporter’s Club bundles are priced at $19.97.

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Previously, Valve updated the Dota Plus service, releasing the Battle Report function that tracks the player's progress. Patch 7.31d also brought several heroes' nerfs and buffs as well as item changes. The most important one was seemingly the BKB cooldown nerf from 75s to 90s. This might shake up the meta and put magic heroes on the frontlines.

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