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OG CEO: "I feel, maybe, before next year, we'll have two OGs"

OG CEO Juan Luna commented on the former TI-winning roster continuing to play Dota 2. During The Monkey Business podcast with Topson, they discussed what all the players are doing and if it is possible to bring back the classic roster.

Juan Luna: I am already waiting for the goal of saying: "OK, so we are gonna have to have two OGs." I wasn't sure when this was going to come. I feel, maybe, before next year, we'll have two OGs. And the only we have [to deal with] is that by the end of the year, only one can go to TI. But it's a "rich people's problem." If I have two teams that can go to TI, sure, I think we can do that. We can figure out a solution. OK, so Jesse keeps playing. We just have to redeem him from EG and move him to Europe. Ceb cannot leave this game. It doesn't matter if he is trying. He can't.

Topson: He's not going to stop until Valve shuts down the servers. Then he's going to have an old version of Dota that he will save on his PC and play until he is eighty or so.

Juan Luna: Then ana, I don't know if we can move him to Europe. Remember ana from last year? I really think the problem with ana was the allergies f*king him up. He was extremely allergic and never really enjoyed being in Lisbon. <...>

So, the only person we have to convince is Johan, who is the hardest. He loves Dota and is super passionate about it. Just not passionate about playing Dota. And I don't think he wants to play it. When he did that casting in Dubai, he loved it. I thought he really found something that he would enjoy. He was around people and the community where everyone loves Dota. He got to talk about Dota and needed to be in the final. He really liked it. And I think, now, as a stand-in coach for the major, he is enjoying it. But we need to think about how to add it to the project.

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OG previously had a second roster OG Seed. They assembled the squad at the end of November 2019. It was disbanded seven months after its founding due to rules that forbid two teams from the same club from playing in the same tournaments.



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