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Noname Chinese squad never lost coming from open DPC-qualifier, enters Div 1 defeating RNG

Dandelion Esports Club surprised the community after they marched from the open qualifier through Division 2 to Division 1 in China. The squad has yet to lose a match in DPC 2022 as they started the season defeating Royal Never Give Up with a 2:0 score.

Dandelion came from nowhere, most of the players barely ever reached even the tier-2 tournaments before. Their only exception is 26-year-old Jiang "TianMing" An, who participated in two majors, won The Bucharest Minor in 2019, and played for Aster, Keen, and EHOME.

Dandelion's victorious path in DPC

This squad looks very untypical for a breakthrough team. It doesn't possess young players. Their carry Tang "Summer" Kaiwen is 23 years old. Other players' ages vary from 25-27. They do not have a long-lasting core either. The lineup was assembled in late 2021, and only two of them previously played together on MagMa.

The International 2022 to feature 30 teams

Dandelion is sitting on a huge winstreak in DPC and is facing the most serious challenge in form of PSG.LGD. The Chinese powerhouse won both regular seasons and regional finals this season. The teams will clash on June 12.



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