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Valve commented on The International 11 Battle Pass release date

Alongside The Battle Report Update and the 7.31d Gameplay Patch, Valve released a comment on when TI11 Battle Pass will be out. It looks like The International 2022 Battle pass might be expected in July or even August. However, it will last even when TI is over.

Every year, fans gather from around the globe to watch the best players in the world compete for the Aegis of Champions at The International. As fans ourselves, we know that after the confetti finishes falling and the fireworks fade away, we want nothing more than to go and play more Dota — after all, why can't we play Magnus like Collapse, or every carry hero like Yatoro?

To capture this excitement from current and returning players, we're structuring the Battle Pass a little differently this year: we want to make the time right after The International concludes the best time to play Dota. To do this, we're going to adjust the timing of the Battle Pass release to be later in the year than in previous years — that way the Battle Pass will run both throughout the event, and for a significant amount of time afterwards.


Most likely, it is linked to the fact that Dota 2 online drops the following month after TI. It also might mean that Valve could start adding the funds from The International Battle Pass to regional leagues and Majors.


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