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Dota 2 Battle Report and 7.31d Gameplay Updates are out

Valve released the patch 7.31d, including The Battle Report Update. This is a feature that provides deeper match analysis and additional rewards. The Battle Report is available only for Dota Plus users.

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As Valve stated, the Battle Report analyzes the performance across all matches in the previous season to calculate player's best hero, role, and overall stats compared to other players at your skill level.

Speaking about the Gameplay 7.31d update, it brought some expected nerfs and buffs. Shadow Shaman can no longer kill Roshan on his own. Roshan now attacks every ward type unit if no other unit is in melee range and also oneshots them.

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Some new features, like the Battle Report, were previously leaked by data miners. Some were expecting the new Puppetmaster hero, but it seems that we all will have to wait a bit more until his release.


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