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"Everyone must know what a monster he is." Banned pro-player Sensibility accused of blackmail, threats and stalking girls

Banned for 322 and suspected of numerous match-fixing schemes, Alexandr "Sensibility" Filatov faces much more serious accusations. A reputable esports blogger, Morf, released a video revealing many cases of Filatov threatening and blackmailing his ex-girlfriends and another woman. With an overwhelming amount of chat records, screenshots, and other proofs. Our sources confirm these claims.

Earlier, Sensibility became the main target of our journalist Polina Mashina’s investigation. After his ban from Valve events, Filatov was streamsniping to match with pros and earn money betting on their pubs. Before that, he was match-fixing playing in the NA region.

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It appears that Sensibility was always doing 322. His ex-girlfriend Asya mentioned that Filatov didn’t want her watching him playing. He explained that she would distract him, but she heard through the wall how Sensibility was negotiating match-fixing through the wall.

After they broke up, Sensibility started stalking her, figurately "sleeping outside her door." Once, he rented a room across her house and spied on the girl using binoculars. Unfortunately, Asya agreed to remove all their chats with Filatov in hopes that he will leave her be. Later, he hacked her iCloud and sent Asya's intimate photos to her friends, and posted them on various discord servers.

Asya, the first victim of Sensibility.
This story left a deep scar on me. For example, I cannot add friends on socials, as I am always afraid that a person may appear as Sensibility. Even if it's not him, I'm always scared of a similar outcome. This is why I'm talking about it. Everyone must know what a monster he is.

Source: Morf YouTube Channel.

Another girl from Tomsk cooperated with Sensibility in Dota to boost their accounts rank and behavior score. Soon, he started flirting with her. She was lucky to stop their relationship before even meeting him in person. But it didn't save the girl from stalking and threats. "You won't ever leave your house, got it?" is just one quote among many others.

You should know. I have guys working in GUSB [Russian internal police investigation service]
You can google what it is
I'll explain for you to realize
I know where you are
Right now
Where you usually go
Absolutely everything is being tracked

Sensibility tried to fake her intimate photos and created numerous accounts to get in contact. He demanded her to meet him in person, investigated where she lived and threatened to burn her apartment. "Unblock me on Telegram, or else your Tom or Tomsk will be wrecked when I arrive." After this message, the girl went on social media warning about Sensibility.

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The third girl was a streamer, Reywl. They were first chatting and then started dating. After learning that Filatov meets other girls, she broke up with him. Once again, he created "tens or maybe hundreds of accounts" to contact her where possible.

If you think I won't leak anything, you're wrong
I will be worse than any person you had in your life
Tonight, I'll call your parents if you decide not to answer

Just like before, Sensibility posted her data and intimate photos online. As she was a streamer, he started to chase her on Twitch. Filatov donated a lot to show the messages linked to these intimate photos. An example of a donation message: "Ahahaha, look how Sensibility got you! Ahahaha".

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Sensibility was also visiting her at home. To get things easier, he always contacted relatives, friends, or neighbors. Once, he grabbed her neck and told Reywl to get in his car "to ride and talk." Just like before, he forced her to remove all the messages that could lead to him. But the girl did all the backups.

— I won't open you ever again
— I said otherwise
— leave me be
— You won't be able to live a normal life

In the end, Reywl had to change her accounts online and change her Twitch channel. As Morf stated by the end of his video, this situation is currently still ongoing.

After a year-long ban, Sensibility is streaming on Twitch and has 20k followers. All the girls mentioned went to the police but could not get anything done. There was some investigation by authorities that ended with Sensibility stating, "it wasn't me who did all this."

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