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Battle Report may become a new Dota Plus feature Rumors

Battle Report may appear as a new Dota Plus feature, coming with an update on June 8. The relevant data was found by users in the code of the game.

It is expected that the feature will evaluate each match. Players will receive rewards based on their performance level according to several dozen criteria. Among the indicators are the number of kills, deaths, damage and healing, GPM and XPM, the number of stacked camps and opponent's wards removed, and more. Apparently, the feature will only be available to Dota Plus subscribers.

Battle Report awards

Earlier, Valve announced that the patch 7.31d will be released on June 8 together with a "bigger than usual" Dota Plus update and "several exciting new features." On June 2, Valve developer Jeff Hill announced a public bug tracker for Dota 2, which is aimed to help developers keep track of bugs and fix them.

Valve launches a public bug tracker for Dota 2
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