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"I didn’t qualify for a Major for four years. And I still kept trying". MoonMeander gave another epic speech Video

David "MoonMeander" Tan Boon Yang gave an inspiring speech to the fans on his Twitch stream. To Hans Zimmer's soundtrack, he recapped all his late struggles and urged everyone to take the future into their own hands.

I’m going to end this stream with a quote from Sun Tzu: "Every man has two lives. The second one begins when he realizes he only has one." So go out there, guys, and make the future yours. Go out and conquer life. If I fell to the depths of hell... I had to play with f*king random NA stacks. EE ditched me right before we got signed for team CR4ZY. COVID hit, and all the LANs got canceled. I didn’t qualify for a major for four years. And I still kept trying.

And here I am today: TSM.FTX, making big bucks again, qualified for TI. But this time, I won’t f*ck it up. I’m gonna keep staying humble and keep grinding. Hopefully, one day I will win TI and give the ultimate speech. It will be epic.

David "MoonMeander" Tan Boon Yang, TSM

30-year-old MoonMeander started in Heroes of Newerth and switched to Dota in 2014. His career peak happened during the following years with OG when they won the Frankfurt and Manila Majors. But TI6 came as a failure, so the squad rebuilt, leaving Moonmeander and Miracle- offboard.

After that, David changed many rosters, including Complexity, Digital Chaos, and Undying. The latter joined TSM in early 2022, claimed 2nd place at Stockholm Major, and guaranteed itself a TI11 invite. MoonMeander is known for these motivational speeches, which became his brand thing.

Our reporter Polina Mashina spoke with David during the latest Major. You can read the interview following the link below.

"I can't tell people 'Get on my level' yet". MoonMeander on NA state, being 30, and adding heroes from HoN to Dota
TSM.FTX's captain on the team's success.

ESL One Stockholm 2022 ESL One Stockholm 2022


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