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"I am not a supporter of the conflict" Pure issues another apology Video

Entity's Ivan "Pure" Moskalenko released another apology for the "Z" incident during EEU DPC 2022 Playoffs. This time he was more direct, saying he doesn't support the conflict.

Some people didn't like that the video contained a montage cut and Ivan's phrasing. Team Entity manager Noah "Th3RealJP" Eigenheer clarified some specifics on Reddit. He said Pure was very nervous and afraid of saying something that could hurt his family back home.

I helped Pure formulate his thoughts, and he explained to me that there are a few things, like specific words, he cannot say online. Because he is scared of the consequences, this could mean for him and his family. I want to respect this and not put him in harm's way. While I was recording for him, he was stressing a lot. He kept losing track of what he wanted to say. English is not his native language, and we did not manage to record it all in one go. We spent around 3-4 hours on this until his emotions caught up with him. In the end, we decided to mix these two takes, and we knew people might pick on it not being sincere enough.

I find it overwhelming how specific things can be labeled without trying to understand the context. Everyone is way too fast to jump to conclusions and ultimately create the same toxic environment they were trying to fight.

Noah "Th3RealJP" Eigenheer, Entity Gaming manager
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During Pure's announcement, Entity said that the carry would issue one additional apology on his own accord. This one comes as the third public statement from the 18-year-old.

In April 2022, in the match between Outsiders ( and Mind Games fielding two Ukrainians, Pure drew a "Z" symbol on the mini-map, which is considered Russian military support. Following the backlash, Pure's team was disqualified from the DPC and missed their chance to get to Stockholm Major. Shortly after, VP kicked the player from the roster.

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