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TORONTOTOKYO on TI10 grand finals: "After the second map I thought why it was that easy?"

Team Spirit's mid player Alexander "TORONTOTOKYO" Khertek talked to an Esportspress reporter at ESL ONE Stockholm Major. He recalled The International 2021 and paid respect to Tundra Esports' hard-working.

[On TI10 grand finals]

Frankly speaking, I came to the finals with no expectations whatsoever, I’ve just played Dota and had no hard thoughts. The only thing I have realized after the fourth map is that we need to change something in our draft. We tried to draft two times differently and it failed us. And I thought after the second map why it was that easy? I mean, was it even possible to win 3-0?

Alexander "TORONTOTOKYO" Khertek

[On young teams' power]

I think it’s not about the old-school player’s era coming to an end, it’s about young players that try hard and grind a lot. Like, let’s take Tundra, for instance, I know their players play a lot in pubs, as a team they play a lot of matchups, and I know that they are training a lot. In my opinion, they are the most hard-working team at the moment and it shows. The level of the game now is so high, that if you stop practicing you won’t be able to compete with anyone else.


[On FATA- kick] If I speak with the knowledge of what is going on, as I have a good relationship with the players, I would say I agree with the replacement. But if you don’t know what is going on internally, I mean for a side viewer, then this whole situation appears not fair. But the results speak for themselves.

Alexander "TORONTOTOKYO" Khertek

Team Spirit finished 9-12th at Major gaining 0 DPC points and no prize money.

Yatoro about opponents at the Major: "BOOM? Who are they? They don't seem like great players to me. I feel they are mediocre"

ESL One Stockholm 2022 ESL One Stockholm 2022

TSpirit TSpirit

Tundra Tundra


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