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Valve announced Dota 2 patch 7.31d release date

Valve announced when the new Dota 2 patch is going to be released. According to the company statement, the patch 7.31d will be installed on June 8 and will include, besides balance changes, Dota Plus update.

The Dota team is hard at work on the upcoming Dota Plus June update which includes not only the traditional seasonal refresh, but also several exciting new features and the 7.31d Gameplay Update. Because this update is a larger than normal, it's going to ship a bit later than normal on June 8th.


This release date might overlap with the beginning of the Tour 3 in some DPC regions. So far, only South America organizers published their start date. Matches of the Upper Division will start on June 9, while teams in the Lower Division will have their first battles on June 6.

The International 2022 to feature 30 teams

Also Valve stated that there will be 30 teams at The International 2022. This will be the largest and the longest Dota event in the history of the game. It will be hosted in Singapore from October 8 till October 30.

Current Dota 2 patch is 7.31c, it was released on May 2. It included nerfs to Tiny, Storm Spirit, Primal Beast, and neutral creep Harpy Scout.

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