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Fans uncovered the TI11 Battle Pass release date Rumors

Wykrhm Reddy, who is often considered unofficial Valve spokesman, might've hinted when the Battle Pass for The International 2022 will be released. The fans on reddit came to this conclusion after his latest posts on social media.

Fans are expecting the new Battle Pass to have a Faceless Void arcana in it, as the hero finished second in the TI10 Arcana Vote. "24" in context of Spectre might've hinted at the release date of her Arcana, which was added to the game on June 24 2021 with Nemestice 2021 Battle Pass. So, "31-05" means that Faceless Void Arcana might be released on May 31.

Report: Valve's API shows The International 2022 dating late October

The latest Battle Pass in Dota 2 was released on 14 December 2021 and expired on 23 February 2022. It was made for the Fall-Winter DPC season and included new iteration of Aghanim's Labyrith, Mirana Persona and Drow Ranger Arcana.

The International 2022 will be held in Singapore. The dataminers found out that it will take place on October 15 through October 30, but these dates might be just a placeholder for the API.

Entity add Pure despite "Z" incident, "fully aware of PR nightmare"

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