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Mind Games owner blames ESL for not helping the team: "Why is it possible to play tournaments online in Fortnite, but not in Dota 2?"

Mind Games owner IAMMIND commented on his team's disqualification from the Stockholm Major. The players failed to get visas in due time and couldn't arrive in Sweden.

Let's start from the very beginning: on May 2, we qualified for the Major. Now use your logic: May 1-3 and May 7-10 are holidays in Russia. So, in total, we had four days to get visas. And ESL knew that we didn't have visas before the beginning of the season.

We managed to apply for visas, get refused twice during this time, and get Dinozavrik a passport. The second time we almost got visas in a day. But *** happened. It's not our fault.

IAMMIND, Mind Games owner
What do we know about Mind Games? The team is owned by the Russian rapper and got serious visa issues before the Major

According to IAMMIND, ESL did not help the team much with the necessary paperwork. Because of this, the embassy denied the players visas.

The ambassador saw that we have two Belarusians in the team, and we are trying to get them visas in Russia. He begins to suspect that we are trying to *** [deceive] him. So, he asks for another letter from ESL: the company should guarantee the fact that we will leave Sweden as soon as the Major is over. Do you know what ESL replied? They won't write a new letter: [there was the first one], the first letter was real, figure something out yourself.

As a result, the ambassador, of course, says "no", and the visa center, which has a visa approval rate of 99.2%, is refusing our visas this morning [May 13]. Well, I, of course, speak about it with my colleague from ESL and thank him for the "efficiency" in solving our problem with an invitation to the tournament. What do I hear in return? We are disqualified.

IAMMIND, Mind Games owner

IAMMIND announced possible changes in the team. Probably, he will fire the team manager. He also doesn't understand why ESL didn't allow MG to play the group stage online.

What is the moral? You need to prepare in advance. And why didn't we prepare in advance and why the team manager didn't know that Dinozavrik has no passport? Because he screwed up. And as we know, there are no patches for people, so there will be a reshuffle.

I believe that in 2022 an online computer game can be played at home. The Dota pro-scene is a boomer one. Let's take Fortnite: why is it possible to play tournaments online there, but not in Dota 2? Why do you disqualify us due to bureaucracy? Why doesn't ESL let us play at least the group stage online? Is there a hidden pool? Only Gabe Newell knows the answers to these questions.

In the end, it's time to admit that we are now in 17th-18th place in the major and top-3 in Eastern Europe. So, haters, *** you, these are the facts.

I did everything to solve these problem in four days. Do you know what it means to make visas to Europe for Belarusians and Russians? With such a situation in the world! The prices for all of this reached 3 million roubles. But even for such dough, the guys simply *** up.

IAMMIND, Mind Games owner

IAMMIND is a Russian rapper. He has only 1M listeners on VK (the most famous Russian social media with its music app), which is not that huge compared to other talent in the scene. After TI10, he decided to enter esports and create a club. He did it by acquiring Team Unique roster with fn, CeMaTheSlayeR, and others.

Mind Games and CIS Rejects managers comment on the situation with disqualification and EEU slot at the Major
The communication between two teams and ESL.

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