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Mind Games disqualified from Stockholm Major, "casting a shadow on entire region"

EEU squad Mind Games was disqualified from ESL One Stockholm Dota Major 2022. The team didn't solve its visa issues and had to forfeit. ESL announced their removal on Twitter.

HellRaisers' Sports Director Maria "Inverno" Gunina expressed her disappointment in Mind Games management. She blames the team for participating in the DPC 2022 EEU Playoffs without a passport.

These things cast a shadow over the entire region. Whatever the major, our squads get sick with COVID-19 [NAVI missed The Singapore Major 2021 due to COVID] or cannot prepare the Schengen visas. What the heck, this pisses me off. Meanwhile, we appear at Valve meetings with smart faces, begging not to write us off, telling them we have all it takes to deal with visas, vaccinations, and logistics. And then somebody goes to the qualifier without a passport. Meme.

Maria "Inverno" Gunina, Sports Director of HellRaisers
What do we know about Mind Games? The team is owned by the Russian rapper and got serious visa issues before the Major

There was a lot of effort from several parties to allow Mind Games attendance. Previously, Maria revealed that another EEU team, CIS Rejects, was "being kept at the ready" to replace MG at the Major in case of emergency, but it seems that ESL ruled that out. Aside from that, PuckChamp's players went to Stockholm as stand-ins for two Ukrainians of Mind Games.

And every day, they [Mind Games] were messaging that "the visa will be tomorrow 200%. Right now. In an hour. 10 minutes more". This way they took away the CIS Rejects' opportunity to go. I'm so angry right now, usually I don't write anything on the internet when I'm that angry. Mind Games just took a dump on the whole region.

Maria "Inverno" Gunina, Sports Director of HellRaisers
ForZe was very close to missing the Major because of visa issues

MG disqualification leaves Group B teams fighting only for seeding as there was only one elimination slot. The group is currently topped by Gaimin Gladiators. The surprising Thunder Awaken performance of the first day puts them right behind.



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